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Who I am
Let's start with who I am not.I'm not a computer programmer or a technical expert.I haven't spent my life in a technical environment.Who I am is a woman who loves cryptocurrency, blockchain techology and loves learning.I also love to share knowledge with people in an easy to understand way. Cryptocurrency has opened up a whole new world for me I never knew existed and I love it.I also love trading equities, specifically options. 

Why I do this
Learning about cryptocurrency can be overwhelming.This site wasn't designed with the expert trader in mind and, in fact, it may seem very basic.That is the point.This site is for those just getting started. 

I wanted to help the every day person learn to trade, invest in, and understand cryptocurrency. When I first started in 2017,I knew nothing.I had never heard of Bitcoin or blockchain.  I asked a lot of what I felt were "stupid" questions.I still feel like that at times.

I noticed, as I was trying to learn, that people would give me certain pieces of information but I was having a hard time putting it all together.I have also seen people asking for help on where to start, with no clear answers from others.I was, however, fortunate to have had a mentor who took the time to provide me with all of the resources I needed to become a knowledgeable investor/trader. 
He also answered each and every question I had without hesitation.Because someone was kind enough to take their time to share their knowledge, I want to do the same for anyone who wants to learn.  I have made ALOT of mistakes and would like to help you avoid the same ones. 

My goal is to create a place where you can easily access resources and information to help you on your crypto journey.

You will notice that most of my website consists of links.In the future, I will  be doing videos, writing more blogs,etc.I am thankful for all of the wonderful resources that helped me create this site.

Let's Get Started.
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